The future of plastic packaging: LIGHTWEIGHTING, the CAP/PREFORM manufacturing challenge: a path towards a sustainable TCO

How sy­ner­gy bet­ween uni­que tech­no­lo­gy, pre­ci­si­on pro­cess con­trols and cap-pre­form joint de­sign can re­sult in a pro­fi­ta­ble light­weigh­ting out­co­me

Following the first webinar on tethered cap manufacturing solutions, SACMI invites you to discover new lightweighting frontiers in cap and preform manufacturing.

Weight reduction is an essential element of the 3 Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) and aims to reduce the environmental impact of plastic packaging. Together with our team of experts we’ll be discussing the critical technical-technological implications of lightweighting and exploring the most cost-effective solutions - precision process control systems included - to maximize performance and profit, from both a design and manufacturing perspective.

SACMI has invested in lightweight-based solutions for 15 years.
Thanks to a global approach to cap-preform design, SACMI offers manufacturers the opportunity to achieve a further lightweighting leap forward by focusing on existing and new neck-finishes (e.g. 26 mm ones) and developing/standardizing with key international organizations, associations and brand owners.

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15 / 12 Time 09:00–10:00 CET & Time 15:00–16:00 CET

Not just a single webinar but a live event where you can get a close look – directly from the factory – at how production process works, listen to our customers’ case histories and interact with the speakers in real time.

Green caps
The ligh­test ready-to-market clo­sures so­lu­ti­ons and the la­test de­vel­op­ments
Com­pe­ti­ti­ve ad­van­ta­ges of SAC­MI con­ti­nu­ous com­pres­sion mol­ding in terms of pro­cess con­trol

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